Prodibio and Carbon Dosing

Technology used by Prodibio uses non pathogenic microorganisms designed for aquaculture. These microorganisms are natural based, BioBoosters avoiding the use of chemicals which so many hobbyists today are trying to avoid in their aquariums.

The first Prodibio product recommended is their start up kit. This is a product made from desert plants. It is designed to limit the build up of non-ionized ammonia in your aquarium water.

Prodibio also makes Safe Travel, skolioza a product that is designed to reduce pathogens in water. This means that you can safely transport your fish after water has been treated with this product.

After a while, you are bound to get a build up of algae in your aquarium. Prodibio makes a product called Bio Clean which is a natural substance used for this purpose. It will reduce nitrates and phosphates, not only cleaning your aquarium, but limiting future growths of these. Similar products include Bioptim, another Prodibio Product to help accelerate the cleaning of your tank.

You will next find the use of Reef Booster, another Prodibio Product, a necessity for development of invertebrates that feed on micro- plankton. This includes coral. Reef Booster contains high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids needed by all marine life in order to live and thrive. This is one of the best selling products made by Prodibio, and indeed, Miami Furniture Outlet Store Nearby Me it is a leading product in its category.

To complement Reef Booster, we also carry Reef Booster Nano, which gives additional nutrients to corals and clams. This is accomplished by also reducing the nitrates and phosphates in your tank.

To get all of these products plus more, thewhippetcoats Prodibio offers for sale a Bio kit reef. In one package you get 5 Bio Digest, 5 Reef Booster, 5 Bio Trace, 5 Iodi and 10 Stronti. This kit combines in one package everything you will need to keep a healthy environment in your aquarium. They also offer a Bio Kit Nano Reef package for complete maintenance of a nano reef aquarium.

Prodibio manufactures many more make money online products made for the maintenance of your saltwater aquarium. Keep in mind that they are produced naturally for the enthusiast that does not want to use chemicals in their salt water aquariums.


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