Downloaded Food Diary Vs Online Website Food Diary

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When you are thinking of losing weight, the best possible thing you can get for yourself is a food diary, which helps a great deal in weight loss. technologydiary

Today, there are three kinds of food and exercise diary options you can use:

  1. Paper diary.
  2. Online website.
  3. Downloaded Software. techprats


I am going to be making the case that the best food diary to use is a downloadable software, and not an online website.

I am a computer software programmer newstweeters with 23 years experience in programming. My expertise at developing software has been honed for two decades. I want to share with you why you would want a to use a food diary that is software you download and install on your computer, as opposed to using an online website.

Websites are new. They are new technology that has only been around for about a decade. Software on the other hand has been perfected for over 40-50 years.

Therefore, you can expect that the experience you are going to have with a software product is going to be better than a website. This is true since the programmer of software has more tools and easier ways to make a more accessible and handy product. techprani

A website takes time to load each page. A food diary requires a lot of user interaction as loading meals, loading recipes, producing graphs, reports, and otherwise navigating around.

Since a website is slow to load each page. It takes about 2-5 seconds for each mouse click to be responded to. As result, it is frustrating to use a food diary that is in the form of a website. echjey

Software food diary screen changes are instantaneous. Therefore, as you interact with a software version, you will have fast and immediate responses to your mouse clicks, which is very important factor to feel happy with the software.

Another issue you should consider is that an online food diary has monthly membership fees. Software you download is a onetime fee. Makes a software download much more accessible, foiz usable and affordable.

As mentioned, programming software is a lot more mature than website development. As such the type of graphs, reports and tools you get with a good software greatly exceed what a website can offer.

There are some websites that cannot be effectively done in software such as the Facebook website. If you had to make each user who wanted to use Facebook download software, that won’t work out. At the same token, a food diary software is much better suited to the task than a website version. Fore more info please


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