Goa Tour: Journey of a Lifetime

Once ruled by the Portuguese, the smallest Indian state Goa has many cultural and natural gemstones in its casket to offer to its visitors. The golden sandy beaches, the churches and sunbathing may add magnetic spirit to the soul of this state, but a Goa tour can give a global wonderer a chance to discover different shades of Indian culture and lifestyle.

India is globally known for its rich cultural heritage where unity in diversity can be noticed in every walk of life. Goa is that particular Indian state where one can witness a perfect blend of the modern culture with past heritage. When it comes to tours to Goa whereas on one side, indiacasinosclub Mesolithic rock artwork bears the witness of its ancient presence and on the other it houses some of the best night clubs and casinos in the country. This is one of the reasons that made Goa a perfect tourist destination for the international visitors especially. Though Goa tours could be undertaken throughout the year, the best time to explore its beauty is after the monsoons.

The boom in the tourism sector in this state has called for many Indian and foreign investors to open luxurious hotels in Goa. These hotels not only provide world class hospitality, but also present a perfect glimpse of the Goan culture to the global wonderer’s. One can choose from a range of opulent hotels and lodges while planning a tour to Goa.

Different places in old Goa still bear the fragrance of the Portuguese people. The churches and cathedrals open up a window to the world through which they can feel the wind of the medieval Goa. This tiny emerald is best suited to the people who want to spend some rejuvenating moments in the lap of nature. The location of the state between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea has bestowed Goa with fascinating natural beauty and bucolic charm. A beach tour or an underwater diving provides a lifetime experience to its visitors apart from calming down their senses.

A tour to India unfolds new wonders to the global nomads every time they come to explore it and an exotic holiday experience in Goa can add on some more gem stones to their travel experience. This lush green land is also famous for its sea food varieties; kupyansk thus it can be called a heaven for the foodies who travel around the world in search of mouth-watering cuisines.

The Government of the state also has made special arrangements to promote tourism in this part of the country. Instead of the presence of the frequent flight services to this state, most of the foreign visitors prefer to go to a trip to Goa by luxury trains. These trains not only provide world class hospitality to the passengers, these are thematically designed to represent the cultures of different Indian states. One can board either The Deccan Odyssey or The Golden Chariot to experience a princely journey to the land of the beaches. During a tour to Goa, one can enjoy its carnival culture, night life, its music & dance, its street markets, sea foods and above all the concoction of sand and water.


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