The Wedding Planner’s Journey

Wedding planning, also known as the blissful stress can be as painful or as joyful as you make it. There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a wedding planner but before that, The Wedding Planner a planner has to be someone who is sensitive to the needs of others, an empathy of sorts who is sensitive to both the bride and the groom. Someone who is intuitive and quick to understand, react and adjust or change gears quickly. Brides are not the easiest people to work with as they have a vision of what they want and it is a vision they have had years to mold, shape, and plan into something that is almost unattainable and a wedding planner must be able to attain it for them. Even better, Award a planner must take the bride and groom on this voyage with them and allow them to experience the joy that wedding planning can be while absorbing most of the stress. This is what a good wedding planner should be.

There is a difference between a wedding planner and an event planner but the difference is not huge. One should have experience as an event planner before going into wedding planning as this will provide much needed experience and lay the groundwork in how you deal with vendors, usefulinfodaily caterers, and people in general. An event planner or Hospitality event planner starts in the hospitality industry booking events and planning the curriculum for large conferences and/or small corporate meetings. Taking such classes as business management, hospitality and leadership courses and a strong set of math skills is necessary when developing your eventual wedding planning career.

Many bridal consultants find wedding planning so much more fulfilling that hospitality event planning simply because of the joy factor. When you book and plan a conference, skate shop you are generally not changing someone’s life or making a lifelong dream come true. You are not affecting someone’s life in an emotional way as when you are part of a process that brings two people together who are in love and want their day to be unique and special. That is why many planners go beyond the call and delve into aspects of the wedding planning that may seem trivial to an outsider but mean a great deal to the couple getting married. Even the minor details like picking out wedding gifts and wedding accessories are not out of the scope of the professional planner as he or she are caught up in the emotional ride and actually become friends with the bride and groom.

It can be difficult to maintain that professional distance that is so vital in other positions but can benefit the wedding planner. There has to be at least a small amount of comfort between the wedding planner and the customers they work with for the event to be successfully planned and the plan instigated. You do not find that level of trust and, in fact, do not need that level of trust from most of the people you will hire in your lifetime. You do not have to like your photographer in order to appreciate the professionalism of their work. With the wedding planner, it is different. You are putting your dream in their capable hands and saying, I trust you with this. For more info visit here:-

At the end of the day, the wedding planner will be someone you trust and even come to care about and if you manage to find one that does not become at least a little emotionally involved in your dream, let me know because I do not think they exist.


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