Forbes Most Expensive Fictional Homes

We all know that Forbes carries out listings of the top 100 or so of the people or items in a lot of categories such as the world’s billionaires, the best small companies, the celebrities etc. every year. Forbes has recently added a list of the Most Expensive Fictional Homes to their already exhaustive listings. Forbes has brought out this listing, presumably in honor of their listing of fictional heroes.

The evaluation is arbitrary but Forbes has prepared this list based on a few basic rules. First of all, all of the eligible candidates have to be residential places, with the exclusion of castles. Then Forbes seems to have restricted their selection to just one or two of a “kind” so that a variety of selections could be made. The list also contains houses featured in Cartoons, forbes like the Burns Manor($127 million) featured in the Simpsons, third in the list; from Video Games like the Vault 101(125 million bottle caps) in the Fallout Series. fourth in the series and Croft Manor($46.10 million) featured in Tomb Raiders, ranked thirteenth. Included in the list are fictional homes in Board Games and Toys like the House on Broadwalk($51.00 million for four), ranked ninth and Barbie’s Dream House($16.00 million) ranked nineteenth respectively. Obscure candidates also seem to have been eliminated.

The resulting final list spans quite a panoramic selection starting from Xanadu ($160 million), the home of the newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane, featured in Citizen Kane. The property is modeled on the real life mountain top estate in San Simeon, California belonging to media mogul William Randolph Hearst. It consists of some 40,000 acres and admirably appropriate for the reclusive media mogul. It comes with a stunning view of the Pacific. The estate contains 1,00,000 trees! It is made of 20,000 of marble! Has a private golf course, a Venetian canal system, and a bowling alley! The grounds of the estate are the home to the largest private zoo to boot! There is also a small sled named Rosebud for children.The film claims that the property is worth just less than the Pyramids and the price is something that “no man can say”.

The cheapest of the twenty on the Forbes list is the House of Usher($10.60 million) which is featured in The Fall Of The House Of Usher, one of Edgar Elle Poe’s masterpieces, dani-info written in 1839. This is a historic Victorian rambler situated in Marblehead, Massachusetts and is built on nine acres of eerie, shimmering bog. The house has ten bedrooms. The home comes with ghostly shrieks, entombed siblings and sounds of metallic clankings.

In between the costliest and the cheapest and the others already mentioned come the following in order of cost(the amounts furnished are in millions).

1. Rich Manor($135.00) featured in Richie Rich,

2. Pemberly($110.00) featured in Pride and Prejudice,

3. Wayne Manor($105.00) featured in Batman,

4. Toad Hall($93.90) featured in The Wind in The Willows,

5. Corleone Compound($66.60) featured in The Godfather,

6. Tony Stark’s House($50.80) featured in Iron Man,

7. Southfork Ranch($50.60) featured in Dallas,

8. Drummond Apartment($47.30) featured in Different Strokes,

9. Jay Gatsby’s Mansion($42.50) featured in The Great Gatsby,

10. Tony Montana’s Mansion(35.00) featured in Scarface,

11. Beverly Hillbillies($31.20) featured in Beverly Hillbillies,

12. Hell Hall(24.60) featured in 101 Dalmatians,

13. Tara Plantation($17.20) featured in Gone With The Wind.


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